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Way to give a cum facial

xXx Galleries Way to give a cum facial.
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Posted January 10th, at Lol, I don't even want to give a facial, just letting her swallow. Login or register to post. Posted April 2nd, at 4: Johnny Soporno Member Join Date: As a man with a serious semen-facial fetish, I have probably been the first man invited to frost maybe beautiful faces, and have certainly decorated the smiles of at least a thousand more-experienced girls I am very proudly a Semen Sharp-Shooter, and I have not gotten a single drop of cum into any girl's eyes in the last 10 years or more I usually tell them this within the first 5 mins or so of chatting.

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I am just ' putting it out there ' so that if she's ever looking for something she might do to completely rock my world, inviting me to do THAT would do the trick. They generally always invite me by the end of our first sexxin' session - I simply won't get off until they do: Johnny Soporno Satan's School for Girls.

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Usually my dates are so fucked up off ruphanoyl that I can do whatever the fuck I want. But seriously, just go with telling her what you are doing.

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Be a dominant asshole in the sack. Everyone is Fucking Everyone. Posted April 2nd, at 6: Partner this subject is so fucked up, how could I not get involved.

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Pesonally I've never sprayed in a girls face. Because I'm not really sure if she would let me stick it in her asshole afterwards Look some guys don't play in the back yard, but I don't need to start a football team yet. But if you really want to spit some milkshake in her face, I think you need to test the waters first.

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By that I mean you should throw some raw eggs on her face. If it doesn't bother her then you'll have a pretty good chance of her not worring about you turbo nutting on her face.

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But then again I wonder if man chowder mixes in with the make up and forms a super glue formula that is impossible to remove. Posted April 2nd, at 9: I bust nuts on your nuts.

Posted April 2nd, at 7: Don't you have any manners??! The least you can do is say "close your eyes" Ok admittedly i've never nut ON a girl's face, however i like Johnny's idea.