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I have been going to Massage Green since I think. The building is clean I agree- stay away- mediocre services and horrible customer service.

Not worth the time or money A week in advance we booked a couples massage and provided the voucher number. The Northern va erotic message before they left a message on the phone telling us that we had four hours to call and provide the voucher number that we had already given them or the appointment would be cancelled. We didn't see the message so when we called the next day they informed us that in fact they had cancelled the appointment and they had booked someone else.

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What else is there to say? We made an appointment, made arrangements for the kids, they cancelled after one voice message no second call, no text, just a voicemail. They didn't warn us when we made the appointment that we needed to reconfirm or ask for a credit card number to back up the appointmentjust cancelled.

The manager on the phone was rude and obviously not helpful. Look at the other reviews The building is clean. Northern va erotic message is easy online, on the phone, in person.

Free parking is right beside the building.

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Ali and Jack have been my personal favorites. They're really good at getting tough knots out of my shoulders. I have tried a massage with Neiva a few times and she is good as well. Their sauna is nice to go into to relax with before a massage: Not worth the time or money and left feeling more frustrated and stressed.

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This spa was not Northern va erotic message or enjoyable at all. Nothing like having a massage therapist yawning, breathing and sneezing right into your face while they are massaging your neck and shoulders. If a therapist is going to sit down while doing the massage that is fine but they should not be leaned directly over your face while doing so!

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I could see her when I opened my eyes. Also the constant sniffling, sneezing and yawning led me to believe she was ill, in which case she had no business being there, so the whole time I was worried about catching whatever it was she had.

Also, my husband and I were both suppose to have female therapists, and he was given a male therapist without being asked or even informed! He was fine with it but that is Northern va erotic message that should never happen when you go to a spa.

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Finally, I have a sever skin allergy to grape seed oil, and all of their oils were grape seed oil based low quality oils so all they could find to use was a thick lotion - again instead of being Northern va erotic message if I was okay with it, the therapist just said it's the only thing we have so if you didn't like it then "sorry".

It made for an unpleasant massage since it is difficult to massage with thick lotion vs. Gregory Lee, recommended Massage Green Spa to help treat my back.

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I figured that if the quality of the massages was good enough for him, it was worth a try. My first visit was part of a promotion, but the experience was so positive that I signed up for their membership.