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Ina site called Thefacebook appeared on what we used to call the World Wide Web. Initially 2 main ways of hookup fossils resembled an interactive, year-round yearbook for kids at elite universities. But then came new features. Long before users were angered by privacy breaches, they were delighted and sometimes confused by the variety of additions aimed at making the social network "better.

Come walk with us down memory lane as we reminisce about Facebook features ultimately left to fade or die due to unpopularity. If you're an early Facebook user I joined in midlet us know which ones you wish the company would bring back, or any other long-lost Facebook features we might have missed. Before the redesigna man's face obscured with binary code appeared at the top-left of Facebook's header. It turns out the image was manipulated from a photo of Peter Wolflead vocalist for the J.

Virtual Gifts Did your friends ever give 2 main ways of hookup fossils a picture of a beer for your birthday? In this early Facebook phenomenon, one could buy virtual gifts to post on a friend's Wall via Facebook Credits.

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Originally launched init was the first time you could spend actual money on Facebook. Despite generating cashFacebook shut down the service on Aug. Your status update logged in a different part of your profile; therefore, the Wall was a space where friends could write notes specially for you.

In fact, last year Facebook faced a related user outcry — many people assumed Facebook had made old private messages public — before the News Feed, a user's Wall was only accessible by going to a person's profile, making it feel like a safe place for more intimate posts. Interestingly, the Wall was originally intended as a sort of white board.

Friends could change or delete what was already there, but users generally favored posting new content at 2 main ways of hookup fossils top, so Facebook tweaked the system to display individual comments in reverse chronological order.

A user's activity, displayed on the "Mini-Feed," was added to the Wall inand ultimately it was replaced by Timeline in Facebook Groups The original Facebook Groups were more or less lost once Facebook expanded outside of schools.

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In the beginning, groups were network-only, so if students at Harvard and UC Berkeley wanted to be in the same group, they essentially had to create different chapters. One such group that spread school-to-school was called "I went to public school The point in joining groups, really, was to have the group names displayed in a section 2 main ways of hookup fossils your profile — much like your Books, Movies or Quotes sections, the Groups served to define your identity plus, the type of people you associated with.

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Before Facebook, we used AIM and the away message. When Facebook first introduced the status update, it was reminiscent, with one notable exception: The field to input your status was preceded by "[Your Name] is Facebook hasn't entirely strayed from prompts, though — in the status field, it currently asks, "What's Happening, Danielle?

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Could Facebook be a blogging platform? History tells us, no. The Notes feature, while still live, is hidden in navigation. If you were on Facebook inyou might have logged a Note entitled "25 Things," a style of chain letter widespread enough to warrant New York Times coverage.

The prompt, included in each person's note, went like this:.

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At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. The demise of Notes can also be attributed to today's Facebook statuses, which can log up to 63, characters. Wall-to-Wall Before threaded comments, where Facebook conversations take place today, you could elect to "See Friendship.

You actually had to click back and forth between two profiles to see what two other people were talking about. Some even used the phrase as a verb e.

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