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Tinder same sex

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Apps like Tinder are made to connect people Tinder same sex exactly what — and who — they want. But what if what you want from a sexual partner isn't all that you want?

The fluidity of our sexual preferences is an established human reality, yet it's one that many people are still afraid to confront or admit.

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Those dual truths were never illustrated so clearly as when I conducted a Tinder experiment: What happens when a bisexual man changes his gender on Tinder to "female"? The results were what you could interpret as sexual fluidity in action. Being a skeptic, I didn't believe it.

Tinder Is Gay Friendly Only...

Heterosexual-identifying men chatting up another guy? It sounded like something out of a porno. How would men seeking women react to matching with a man?

Gay dating apps are plentiful,...

For scientific purposes, I decided to give it a try. I downloaded Tinder fine, Tinder same sex already had it on my phone — I just opened the appupdated my profile to "female" and uploaded the best selfies my iPhone had to offer.

Then I started swiping right.

But is Tinder gay friendly...

At first I was rather selective, receiving some matches. But wanted to take things to another level, so I decided to say yes to every man.

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I swiped right on hundreds of men looking for women — and in the process, what I saw as an intriguing example of sexual fluidity emerged. Swiping right on a guy made some men freaked out and defensive.

My experience confirmed what's been called the "game theory of Tinder": Plenty of men swipe right without Tinder same sex looking, not taking the time to examine the photos, much less the bio. That swiping strategy led plenty of straight men to swipe right on me, which prompted a variety of reactions.

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