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Transurethral resection of the prostate TURP is generally a safe procedure. It's caused by damage to the nerves or muscles surrounding the neck of the bladder, which is the point where the urethra connects to the bladder.

Retrograde ejaculation isn't harmful and you'll still experience the pleasure of an orgasm.

When can I masturbate after...

However, your fertility may be affected, so you should speak to your surgeon if this is a concern. It usually gets better in the weeks following surgery but can very occasionally be a long-term problem.

It usually takes the Masturbation after turp of urge incontinence — where you have a sudden urge to pass urine and lose control of your bladder if you do not find a toilet quickly enough.

Retrograde ejaculation

A number of treatments are available for incontinence, including lifestyle changes, medication and surgery. This can be either temporary or permanent. Medication can be prescribed to help reduce the problem if necessary, but you should speak to your surgeon if this is a concern.

To find out when it...

Your surgeon may be able to provide more information on your individual risk. If the narrowing of the urethra is mild, it can usually be treated by inserting a rod to widen the urethra. More extensive narrowing may require surgery. If you experience the symptoms of TURP syndrome during your procedure, the surgeon will stop Masturbation after turp surgery and inject you with a diuretic, which is a type of medication used to remove fluid from the body.

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Tell hospital staff immediately if you develop any symptoms after returning to the ward. TURP carries a very small risk of causing death.

The risk usually arises from complications involving the heart or a serious postoperative infection. Skip to main content. Symptoms of a urethra stricture include: Initial symptoms of TURP syndrome include: Death TURP carries a very small risk of causing death.

TURP is often used to...

Check here for alerts. When can I masturbate after having surgery on my genitals? from all masturbation and other sexual activity until the follow-up appointment after your surgery.

I masterbated 4 and a half weeks after TURP. Follow Has anyone had a similar experience on initial sex or masterbation after TURP? 0 likes.

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