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Any women masturbate for there husband

New xXx Pics Any women masturbate for there husband.

Nairaland Forum Welcome, Guest: Wednesday, 07 November at After nearly 20 years of marriage, I have no reservations about owning what I want and how I want it in the bedroom, and doing it on my own when necessary.

When masturbation meets cohabitation. of...

But owning this fact about myself was no easy feat. My husband and I met when we were 16 and married two years later — so in the early days of our marriage, when we were both young and uninitiated in the ways of good sex, I masturbated in secret.

It wasn't that our missionary-romance was bad; it just wasn't enough to get me there. I didn't want to hurt my husband's pride by telling him I never came during our sex sessions, and previous attempts to show him how to touch me left me with a bruised clitoris and him with a bruised ego, so I kept a lid on my sexual frustration.