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Is masturbation selfish sin

Pron Pictures Is masturbation selfish sin.
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Q — Why is masturbation wrong? Is it not healthy, based in science? A — Thanks for the question.

“Is masturbation wrong?”

I hope I can help you out a bit. I will note that we will discuss this issue quite directly and without hemming or hawing. The problem with any intentional act of sexual self-gratification, including masturbation, is they are contrary to the purposes of the act of sex.

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Sex is intended to be an expression of love between a married man and woman. They express this love through a complete self-giving to one another in the act.

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Love never takes or is selfish. It should always be about the other person, not me.

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Masturbation is an exact opposite act — it is all about the selfish feelings one derives from the act. By the very nature of the act, it turns one in on oneself. While many young people suffer from compulsive self-gratification, it is not impossible to stop.

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