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Clitoris after taking testosterone

Sexy Photo Clitoris after taking testosterone.

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I don't know whether anyone has done a study on growth, Clitoris after taking testosterone I don't think many of us get all THAT much growth. I understand that metoidioplasty can build up what you do have, but you need to have enough to start with. Even if you do get some length, the girth will be far less than cis men have. I don't know of anyone who achieved 3 inches, let alone 4.

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hey everyone. im a trans...

I have been on T since end of Jan and mine as definitely grown, looks about an inch and half. I am hoping its still growing! You can buy pumps to help it get bigger.

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I havent bothered because i am going for phallo eventually. Yeup, basically what everyone else said. I've never measure accurately, just estimated with my finger. I'm about an inch and a half. Pre-T I was under the impression that inches was the norm, but I think there is a lot of exaggeration out there.

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Which isn't surprising since even bio guys lie: But moral of the story is it's not likely to get that big flaccid. I've only been on Testosterone for about a month and a half and mine rubs against my underwear.


I've always been pretty strong in that department. I've found you, Beast! This is where I document my beard progress!: Be very leery of any claims about enhancing growth like pumps. There's almost no substance to any of those claims and they can often be harmful to the full functionality of your genitals. Some moderate pumping just for temporary fullness is probably fine.

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This goes for cis guys as well, many of whom have insecurities about penis size and try those things. I recommend a documentary on Netflix called Unhung Hero. Take heart in knowing that it's a non-issue or very low on the list of priorities for many people. Maybe I'm a weird gay man.

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Clitoris after taking testosterone I'm not much into dicks at all. They look very ungraceful, all saggy and wrinkled. They make a lot of your life ungraceful squished when sitting unless you sit with legs Clitoris after taking testosterone apart, scrotums sticking to thighs while walking, etc.

I think smaller is just more attractive, certainly visually it is. I just need it to work. The fact is that a large penis, a small penis, and a clitoris all have the same number of nerve endings closer together or spread further apart and that's what matters, i. Some characters in a book I'm writing have internalized testicles and a retractable penis. I think that would actually be ideal. It seems pretty odd to me that we would evolve to have these always external and therefore always vulnerable genitals.

Many animals have evolved differently. Flaming Freedom on YouTube. Hex The crazy artist Posts: Also genetics does play a factor in growth as well.

From what I've seen 3in is pretty much a lucky straw from the hat length. Albeit most are temporary and not permanent which means pumping would have to be continued every month to keep said size, even after a meta.

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