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Ballistic penetration data

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Terminal ballistics also Ballistic penetration data as wound ballisticsa sub-field of ballisticsis the study of the behavior and effects of a projectile when it hits and transfers its energy to a target.

Bullet design and the velocity of impact largely determine the effectiveness of its impact. While the concepts of terminal ballistics can be applied to any projectile striking any target, Ballistic penetration data of the topic concerns the effects of small arms fire striking live targets, and their ability to either incapacitate or kill them. Common factors include bullet weight, composition, velocity, and shape.

For short range target shooting on ranges up to 50 meters 55 ydaerodynamics are relatively unimportant and velocities are low. As long as the bullet is balanced so it does not tumble, the aerodynamics are unimportant. For shooting at paper targets, the best bullet is one that will punch a perfect hole through the target. These bullets are called wadcutters. They have a very flat front, often with a Ballistic penetration data sharp edge along the perimeter.

The flat front punches out a large hole in the paper, close to, if not equal to, the full diameter of the bullet.

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This allows for easy, unambiguous scoring of the target. Ballistic penetration data cutting the edge of a target ring will result in scoring the higher score, fractions of an inch are important. Magazine -fed pistols may not reliably feed wadcutters because of the angular shape. To address this, the semiwadcutter is used. The semiwadcutter consists of a conical section that comes to a smaller flat, and a thin sharp shoulder at the base of the cone.

The flat point punches a clean hole, and the shoulder opens the hole up cleanly. For steel targets, the concern is to provide enough force to knock over the target while Ballistic penetration data the damage to the target. A soft lead bullet, or a jacketed hollow-point bullet or soft-point bullet will flatten out on impact if the velocity at impact is sufficient to make it deformspreading the impact over a larger area of the target, allowing more total force to be applied without damaging the steel target.

There are also specialized bullets designed for use in long range precision target shooting with high-powered rifles; the designs vary somewhat from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Research in the s by the U. Air Force discovered that bullets are more stable in flight for longer distances and more resistant to crosswinds if the center of gravity is somewhat to the rear of the center of pressure The MatchKing bullet which is still in wide use and holds many records is a hollow point design with a tiny aperture in the jacket at the point of the bullet and a hollow air space under the point of the bullet, where previous conventional bullets had a lead core that went all the way up Ballistic penetration data the point.

Marine snipers who use accurized Mtype rifles are issued the Mk Mod 0 cartridge developed jointly by Black Hills Ammunition and Crane Naval Surface Warfare Centerusing a bullet manufactured by Sierra Bullets that was cannelured according to military specifications for this project. For ultra Ballistic penetration data range precision target shooting with high-powered rifles and military sniping, radically designed very-low-drag VLD bullets are available that are generally produced out of rods of mono-metal alloys on CNC lathes.

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