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Why don t florida people use deodorant

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T S C Old Faithful. The city of Brooksville, Florida has a new dress code that requires city workers to wear underwear and use deodorant.

The funny thing is that...

It instructs employees to observe "strict personal hygiene" and prohibits exposed underwear, clothing with foul language, "sexually provocative" clothes and piercings anywhere except the ears. Nothing wrong with an employer requiring employees to adhere to Why don t florida people use deodorant dress code. Happens in most work places every day. Like Reply 0 Likes. I'm just wondering how they "know" their employees were or were not wearing any underwear I'm hoping that is only an issue if the parts that are meant to be covered by undies are visible!

Dress code - yes. Who cares if I'm wearing underwear or not? If I'm following the dress code-no one should be able to tell!

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Deodorant is not part of a dress code. Are they going to tell me how often I have to wash my hair and shave my legs as well? Pitiful that people have to be TOLD to wear deodorant, but evidently there is a need.

In that case, yes, I think it is a grand idea. Originally posted by GentryAustin: I have a friend who used to work at a bank in FL about 10 years ago.

They had the same memo.

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I'm thinking banks aren't the only ones having to deal with this. Remember we are talking FL, where it rarely gets cold - never gets cold in the southern part - and people, especially women, tend to dress in very thin fabrics. My friend says it can be quite obvious when someone isn't wearing underwear, even though they are fully covered. Fire, if I'm your employer, and you represent me to the public, then your personal appearance and personal hygiene are very much my business.

It wouldn't be Why don t florida people use deodorant problem unless you came in looking a wreck or stinking to high heaven, then we'd have to have a talk. In the real world, as an employer, my dress code is pretty simple. No nightwear, no evening-wear, and no beachwear.

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I've had to ask an employee to eat breakfast before they came to work - he had horrendous sinus breath quite often - and, I've had to ask employees to please not show their midsections.

Otherwise, I generally run a pretty casual office. Banks generally aren't so casual. But not because I was told to I do know that it's not required by my employer. I did a quick review of the handbook. I'm with you, Fire.

It is no one's business if I decide to wear underwear or not. If I am dressed in a way that is vulgar, than yes my employer has a right to say something. It is not anyone's business if I do or do not wear deodorant, antiperspirant, perfume, or Why don t florida people use deodorant Botox injections in my armpits.

If I smell rank, then yes my employer has Why don t florida people use deodorant right to say something. And as for my legs - I'll shave them when and if I feel like it. If they want to post a schedule then I hope they include the men with hairy backs, men with ugly facial hair, and men with all together too much hair everywhere on there, too. I get creeped out when employers start making these blanket rules that cover everyone in every circumstance.

Basement Cat Old Faithful. I go to work in my pjs. So does your boss. Originally posted by T S C: Originally posted by Firedancer: How often do you suggest I wash my hair?

Is the city uniform spandex? Wild Irish Prose Hall of Famer. Deodorant is useless if one isn't bathing. It's like spraying air freshener in a stinky room - works for all of three seconds.

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How are you going to be certain your employees shower? Where I work it is "corporate casual" and by that I mean capris and flip-flops are okay - and I've seen the envelope pushed much more.

My office doesn't have interaction with the public, however. I used to work for a bank years ago there in the Shoals where we had to wear hosiery which is such a stupid invention and an antiquated idea Why don t florida people use deodorant the first place! So I'd say at least we've come a long way on dress codes in this country. I've gladly not touched a pair of panty hose in over 10 years!

I'd just like to add that I do in fact shower daily and there are deodorants on the market that aren't strong and overpowering. I totally understand the deodorant thing. The underware thing, is what makes me raise my eyebrow. I suppose though, that if they had to enforce a new policy on it; then there were more than just a few instances of something showing in order to know.

Since this is in Florida, I'd assume the clothing is sheer or thin enough to be able to be able to tell if someone is going 'commando' or not as well. Maybe they also had a lot of situations where rear cleavage was able to be seen too. He has absolutely no body smell.

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It's the weirdest thing I've ever seen and since I have a bionic nose, wonderful for me. Of course he sweats but there's no smell. Anyone know anyone else with no body odor? I wish it could be bottled or genetically shot up. BTW - I'm keeping quiet about Mr. What if we wanna know about the undies? I wouldn't have known that had you not posted. Manda, and all you BS, next time you hug him, take a big honkin' whiff.

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You'll get nuthin' but Aqua di Gio. I'll try to remember, but knowing me, I'll probably forget. Or, possibly look like a loony toon, by sniffing him while Why don t florida people use deodorant him. Hope you and Mr. Sand is having an excellent Monday, hun. Lillies Hall of Famer. When I first read the thread topic, I thought it said the City of Florence makes it's employees wear underwear and deodorant Good hygiene should be a requirement for any job. I wash my hair everyday and always wear deodorant.

And I have recently started wearing underwear all the time. This one is tricky be sure and watch out for VPL. Thongs are nice but the bigger your but the more uncomfortable they are. What are yall's thoughts on how often we should brush our teeth? I usually go for 2 or 3 times a day?

Originally posted by southernsally: Originally posted by George Sand: Originally posted by yankeegramma: Originally posted by TheBaldGuy: Dill Pickle Hall of Famer. Yeah, I'm picturing an epidemic of plumber's crack down in FL.